Who we are

We are known for our breakthroughs in injectables. We are also known for an unwavering sense of urgency in our research. Because diseases are morphing, changing character and spreading. It’s our uncompromising focus that has resulted in the development of Emal the first in the world injectable medicine against critical malaria. Then there is Etojet – the world’s first painless Etrocoxib injection. Oncology is one very important area where our work in differentiated injectables has borne results. And of course doctors the world over are familiar with our Injectible Diclofenac
Sodium for pain relief, another world first from Themis product.

It’s taken us over four decades to come where we are. Themis is a brand well-known for both formulations and APIs with a strong research focus on injectables and drug-delivery systems. Founded in 1969 by the pioneering efforts of Dr. Shantibhai D. Patel, Themis became even stronger with a joint venture with Gedeon Richter Ltd., Hungary. The result is 4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, a nation-wide stockist network of over 4000 stockists and operations in over 64 countries. Along the way we have forged partnerships for development and marketing with many industry leaders, working symbiotically towards a healthier future.

Where conventional solutions are bound to fail, a response that’s evolving all the time will succeed. Antituberculosis, antimalarials, cardiology, pain management, anti-infectives, haematinics, Health & Nutrition are the key areas where our deep research methodologies are getting incisive results. We are a business yes, but we are also on the forefront of alleviating pain and enhancing human life. And this is what motivates us to keep going.

About Us

We want to take the world from pain to pain-free parentals through pain free work on dedicated innovations. Emal – the first in the world injectable against critical malaria, Etojet – the worlds first painless Etrocoxib injection and a first of its kinds injectable.
Diclofenac sodium for pain relief, are all a result of pursuit of ideas taken to their full potential. Our aim is to make disease management easier and painless for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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