Speciality Division

FEREDET TABLETS Tablet Each film coated tablet contains, Sodium Feredetale B.P. 231 mg(equivalent to 33mg elemental iron) + Folic acid I.P. 1.5 mg + Vitamin B12 I.P. 15 mcg + Excipients q.s. D6 10's
FEREDET-S Inj. Injection Each 5ml contains: Ferric hydroxide in complex sucrose equivalent to elemental iron 100 mg + water for injecton q.s. to 5 ml 1X5 ML
INSTANAC INJ 1 ML Injection Each ml contains: Diclofenac Sodium I.P. 75 mg + Benzyl alcohol I.P. 2% V/V + water for injection q.s. 5X1ML Injection
INSTANAC TPM GEL Gel Each gram contains, Diclofenac diethylamine BP 1.16% w/w equivalent to Diclofenac + Sodium BP 1% w/w + Gel base q.s. 1X30GM TUBE
GYNARONE-100 SOFTGEL CAPSULE Capsules Each soft gelatin capsule contains: Progesteron I.P. 100mg (Natural Micronised) + Excipients Q.S. 10 CAP
GYNARONE-200 SOFTGEL CAPSULE Capsules Each soft gelatin capsule contains: Progesteron I.P. 200mg (Natural Micronised) + Excipients Q.S. 10 CAP
GYNARONE INJECTION 1 ML Injection Progesterone 1 ml injection 5X1 ML
HEMOLOK SOLUTION 100ML Solution Fercrylum 1% w/v 100 ML Bottle
HEMOLOK SOLUTION 30ML Solution Fercrylum 1% w/v
ETOJET INJ. Injection Each ml contains: Etorocoxib I.P. 90 MG 5x1ML
TIOSTAT-5GM (1x5GM SALE) Gel Ticonazole BP 65mg + Gel base q.s. 1x5GM TUBE
Joydol P Tablet Aceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 325mg 10's
Joydol SR Tablet Aceclofenac 200mg sustained release 10's

About Us

We want to take the world from pain to pain-free parentals through pain free work on dedicated innovations. Emal – the first in the world injectable against critical malaria, Etojet – the worlds first painless Etrocoxib injection and a first of its kinds injectable.
Diclofenac sodium for pain relief, are all a result of pursuit of ideas taken to their full potential. Our aim is to make disease management easier and painless for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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