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The management at Themis believes in original thinkers who back their intelligence with their belief and hard work. It is the unshakeable quest to find solutions where none exist that has made Themis Medicare Ltd the name that it is. And this attitude is not just in the research labs but in every sphere of the work at Themis.

And in the words of the Executive Vice Chairman - "This original disruptive way is the DNA of Themis."

Employees are appreciated and nurtured at Themis. Growth is not hindered by nepotism or any hindrances like partiality or office politics. Our objectives are performance based and good performance is always rewarded. We try our best to provide an environment which not only support the employees in their performance but also makes them feel part of the family. Annual functions like Holi celebration, Navratri functions and Diwali parties light up the building that is Themis and makes it feel like Family.

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