Themis Group


R&D Breakthroughs

Themis Medicare Ltd. is fully integrated, research based, innovative healthcare provider having own research products, and committed to offer innovative, novel solutions to fulfill unmet medical needs. Company invests substantial amount towards Research & Development (R&D) each year.

Aligned with the organization’s mission and vision, our R&D team is committed on developing new Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, especially differentiated parenterals, and New Drug Delivery Systems to build a robust product pipeline with quality commitment, and a core purpose of savings lives and improving the quality of life of patients.


A state of the art research centre, designed in accordance with the current GLP regulations, approved by the DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India) was started in 2007 at Haridwar.

Infrastructure & Functions

The facility is built in an area of about 2500 square feet with all modern equipments and infrastructure designed for development of Pharmaceutical Drug Products, and encompasses various functions such as Process Development, Formulation Development and Analytical Development.

Human Resource & Activities

The activities at our R&D comprises of Chemical, Formulation and Analytical research and development. More than 25 scientists in various functions are working relentlessly towards product development and dossier filing of innovative formulations and new drug delivery systems with an objective of securing regulatory approvals.

Our Formulation Services and Strategic Capabilities include designing a Quality Product and Manufacturing Process using the QbD and DOE Approaches.
  • Technology Transfer of Drug Products from R&D to Manufacturing Site and or External Partners as per SUPAC (Scale Up and Post Approval Changes)
  • Preparation and Registration of Marketing Authorization Applications
  • Post-Approval Regulatory Compliances of Pharmaceutical Drug Product
  • Collaboration with various government and reputed institutions for drug development technology.
Intellectual Property

We have been granted more than 50 patents. Patent filing includes platform technologies, drug substances, drug products, IP on polymorphs, and medical devices.


Our products pass through stringent tests backed by robust quality systems that ensure compliance with global quality standards. We offer value addition through speed, innovation, continuous quality commitment and timely delivery as per regulatory standards and clients needs, while maintaining cost - effectiveness.

We offer our innovative products developed based on our patented technology platforms and new drug delivery systems to our partners.

R&D Pipeline

Therapy Area Product Code Salient Feature
(One liner)
Formulation Validation Batches Preclinical Toxicology Clinical
Under Development Prototype Optimised Phase I Phase II Phase III
Analgesic (Opioid) TML-ROM-19 NDDS
Analgesic (Opioid) TML-NEP-19 New Dosage Form
Immunomodulatory TML-ONI-21 New Dosage Form
Immunomodulatory TML-ONI-21-S New Dosage Form
Immunomodulatory TML-ONI-21-I New Dosage Form
Antibiotics TML-FIR-19 Nonsystemic Antibiotic with targeted delivery in colon
Long Acting Anti-malarial TML-TRA-19 NDDS
Long Acting Vitamins TML-AYC-19 NDDS
Long Acting Vitamins TML-CEM-19 NDDS
Long Acting Vitamins TML-OHC-19 NDDS
Neuromuscular Reversal Drug TML-GAM-21 Ready to use injection
Sedative-Hypnotic Agent TML-ORP-21 Ready to use injection
Anticoagulant TML-PEH-22 Ready to use injection
Antimalarial TML-TRA-22  
Proton-Pump Inhibitor TML-NAP-22 Ready to use injection
Proton-Pump Inhibitor TML-OSE-22 Ready to use injection
Proton-Pump Inhibitor TML-EMO-22 Ready to use injection
Proton-Pump Inhibitor TML-NAL-22 Ready to use injection
Pain Killer TML-OTE-IHT-22 Tablet
Pain Killer + Muscle Relaxant TML-OTE-LOT-22 Tablet
Pain Killer TML-OTE-MLMs-22 Topical Gel
Neuropathic Pain TML-ERP RAP-22 Ready to use injection
Sedative Hypnotic TML-ORP ML-22 New Dosage Form
Anesthetic - Hypnotic TML-OTE -22 NDDS
Sedatives-hypnotics TML-MER-22 Ready to use Injection

Our Inventions

With endless research strategies and innovations, we’ve found possibilities in every bright bulb. A committed focus on pain-free injectables and safe products has helped us explore avenues, especially through our NDDS platform technologies.
1. TPM gel technology
  • A clinically-proven, first-in-class platform technology
  • Delivers small and large molecules
  • Non-irritant, patient-friendly and non-invasive
2. Solubilizer technology for turning painful injections into painless injections
  • Allows oil-free injections (e.g. Hormones)
  • Significantly reduces the need for use of alcohols in injections
Breakthroughs that have made inroads in the industry
Anti-malarial Anti-malarial
Also, we have a remarkable presence in key areas like
  • Anti-Tuberculosis
  • Anti-Malarials
  • Cardiology
  • Pain Management
  • Anti-Infectives
  • Haematinics
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Anaesthesia
  • Gynecology
  • Orthopedics