Themis Group

Differential Products

Sepgard rapid Gel (Feracrylum 3%)
Sepgard rapid Gel (Feracrylum 3%)
is a locally acting hemostatic agent with antimicrobial properties used in the management of cuts, lacerations and abrasions. Feracrylum, when applied on the wound surface, controls bleeding within 30 seconds. This product is marketed in India and outside India for more than fifteen years. Feracrylum 1% solution was first launched in India by Themis in 1990. Themis has developed various Feracrylum dosage forms in house, such as solution, tulle, mouth gargles, spray and oral capsule, and has obtained DCGI (India) approval for the same.
Enterofizz – EL (Bacillus clausii + Electrolytes)
Enterofizz – EL (Bacillus clausii + Electrolytes)
is used in the management of infectious and non infectious type of diarrhea.. The unique combination of the probiotic and electrolytes decreases the duration and frequency of diarrhea by restoring gut flora and supporting rehydration.
Aquadol TPM Gel
Aquadol TPM Gel (Diclofenac Diethyamine 1.16 %w/w)
is for local application. Targeted penetration matrix (TPM) is a multilayered ultraflexible targeted drug delivery technology which ensures adequate drug delivery at the site of action and reduces risk of systemic side effects of NSAIDS.
E MAL (α-β Arteether)
E MAL (α-β Arteether),
an antimalarial drug, is available as 2 ml ampoule and 10 ml vial for intramuscular administration. It is used in the treatment of severe malaria including cerebral malaria and as a second line in chloroquine resistant malaria. This is our innovator product and is marketed in India and other countries, for more than twenty years. The single daily injection for three consecutive days improves the patient compliance with the therapy.
Etojet (Etoricoxib 90mg/ml) injection
Etojet (Etoricoxib 90mg/ml)
injection is a COX-2 selective NSAID used in the management of acute pain including post-operative pain. This is the first and only parenteral formulation of Etoricoxib available in the world. It is available as 1 ml injection which allows ease of administration with less pain in the arm and also below the waist. It definitely helps to improve the patient’s compliance with the therapy.